This is what Adam and I came up with for a more refined mini Simmons design to give it that performance edge. It features a more thinned out foil with a 1” winger in the tail to narrow it up. The nose is flipped up to help make those steeper drops and the bottom contours are a hull design in the nose going flat into the middle section then blending to a double concave through the tail with a little vee out the back. All this will help with drive and hold and the vee will keep it a little skatey. The fin set up has many possibilities with future fin boxes on the sides and a center fin box installed. It can be ridden as a twin fin, single fin, two + 1, twin fin with a trailer fin, or even finless. Many other options are possible with this set up. It’s all about the rider & endless fun possibilities on the board. Available 4’10” to 6’0”


Wave Klepto Longboard
The Wave Klepto is designed and dialed in to be a versatile wave catcher.
It features a wide outline with ¼” of nose concave for some perch time.
Rocker is low, and the 60/40 rails give it a lively feel. Comes with a
single fin and square tail with a little flip to pivot on.
Available in 9’2” - 9’8”